Thomas Vailly uses sunflowers to make bio-based materials

Thomas Vailly of Studio Thomas Vailly (STV) has set out to use every bit of a sunflower crop to create something quite spectacular. With the notion of not creating any left-overs, Vailly uses both the crop waste and left-overs from the harvest in his sustainable products. You can find anything from insulation panels, to iPhone cases and bio boards coated with sunflower varnish to make them resistant to water. There is lots to look forward to with this exciting discovery. Keep your eye on his work as you can expect to see office furniture and disposable packaging in the near future.


There are a number of accreditation assessments available to manufacturers. Set by third party organisations such as BREEAM, LEED, UL and C2C, they offer prospective specifiers the opportunity to understand and evaluate what sustainability standards a given material may offer their project.

Wherever possible we showcase materials that have some form of accreditation but also recognise that acquiring them can be a costly and time consuming process, particularly for smaller brands.

We believe in transparency and think that an honest approach to materiality is key to making more sustainable decisions when planning our built environments.

We seek and promote material manufacturers that:

  • Consciously endeavour to choose raw materials based on provenance and quantity required
  • Aim to reduce the energy needed and pollution created in the production and transportation of their materials
  • Reuse resources and waste
  • Create regenerative materials
  • Utilise closed-loop production methods